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Work package number 7 Type of activity COORD
Work package title

International and European networking of fixed-point observatories

Start month 1 End month 48
Lead partner 7


WP7 – International and European networking of fixed-point observatories

This work package will enhance international and European collaboration, mainly through ESONET-Vi. ESONET-Vi is seen as a link between geographically scattered complementary research, industrial and governmental elements in Europe. The aim of ESONET-Vi is to rapidly transfer and implement research results into scientific and industrial applications. This work package is also integral to the implementation of the TNA to the open-ocean observatory sites. Many of the tasks and deliverables will be dedicated to the drafting and issuing of the key calls for TNA. The calls will be widely disseminated through websites, mailing lists and other promotional activities. Selection criteria and procedures will be included in the calls to facilitate the evaluation of TNA proposals. Criteria will aid scientists and engineers from non- or lesser equipped countries to gain access to key marine research infrastructures and are also based on scientific excellence. The results of the TNA activities will be widely promoted and incorporated into education and outreach activities in WP8. A final report on access provided to users will be collated from all TNA activities over the course of the project.

The main objectives of this Work Package are:

  • To consolidate and promote the synergy between European research groups and institutions.
  • To enhance the interaction with industry.
  • To link ocean scientists and engineers into an international team in marine science.
  • Management of TNA activities.

In addition, this work package will support the organisation of annual international scientific meetings and promote the exchange of personnel and training (linking with WP8 and WP12).

Description of work and role of partners

Description of work

Task 7.1 Development of the ESONET-Vi Network Partners

IFREMER – Ingrid Puillat (Lead); UiT, AWI, INGV, UAzores, NIOZ, UNIABDN, UPC, CNRSIPGP, (M1-M24)

This task will build upon the integrating process of ESONET-NoE followed by a consortium agreement. The text will quote the final evaluation report of ESONET-NoE advising on the implementation of ESONET-Vi. The first step of this task is to integrate the EuroSITES and CARBOOCEAN communities. The second step is to include offshore industry from various sectors such as the oil and gas industry, mineral resources, and renewable energy plants. This second step will be strongly connected to WP10.

Task 7.2 Further development of collaboration with European and non-European fledgling Eulerian observing systems that are not directly supported in FixO3 programme.

UGOT – Per Hall (Lead); UiT, AWI, IFM-GEOMAR, UNIABDN, IFREMER, (M1-end).

The objective of this task is to expand scientific activities and communities beyond the FixO3 network, for example on key scientific topics such as carbon flux. Practically, Webex conferences and physical meetings will be organised. This task will launch worldwide collaborations to enhance wider scientific cooperation through training for instance (WP8), data processing methods (WP4), exchange of instrumentation packages, etc.

A strong interface with OOI, Neptune Canada and DONET will be built to promote more strategy planning between the different initiatives and to facilitate scientific exchanges through the Webex conferences and ad-hoc initiatives/meetings.

Task 7.3 Ensure interface with ESONET-EMSO label consortium

UiT – Bénédicte Ferré (Lead); INGV, UAzores, IFREMER

The ESONET-EMSO label is a set of criteria on specifications of deep-sea observatories. This task will communicate and promote the Yellow Pages and FixO3 label through the ESONET-Vi webpage, linking with WP2, and WP3, respectively. Particular attention will be paid to transmitting the information to the EMSO consortium for observatory infrastructures.

Task 7.4 Organise scientific and technical conferences based on the output from multidisciplinary Eulerian observatories

IFREMER – Ingrid Puillat (Leads); UiT, CNRS-IPGP, (M6-end of TNA)

This task will organise workshops and conferences to enhance collaboration with other projects such as EuroArgo, Eurofleets and JERICO on observatory data exploitation, data management and dissemination, and new technologies. The conferences will be based on the results from the observatories and will open up the discussion concerning technical issues, new technology, science and time-series data, for example.

Task 7.5 – Prepare and publish TNA calls for proposals beyond FixO3

PLOCAN – Eric Delory + MI – Fiona Grant (Leads); UiT, AWI, INGV, CNR, UNIABDN, BLIT, SLR, (M1-M23)

Two calls for proposals will be launched under the FixO3 project. The first phase in designing the calls will be the definition of evaluation criteria drafted on the basis of a first analysis of the scientific and technical state-of- the-art and the progress needed in ocean observation from open-ocean infrastructures. Following the drafting of calls a review from the evaluation panel (see task 7.6) will be requested. Calls will be advertised through the FixO3 website, scientific fora and specialised e-mail lists. Applicants will have been informed via comprehensive online resources made available through WP2, and encouraged at proposal stage to contact owners/operators about access plans and to ensure the viability of the proposals. FixO3 participants and other users groups from EU Member States will be invited to submit their proposals. Selection criteria take into conseideration applications from Member States where similar infrastructures are not available as well as from user groups with no prior experience accessing an infrastructure. All developments under this task shall be in strict compliance with Annex III of the Grant Agreement.

Task 7.6 – Evaluations of TNA proposals

PLOCAN – Eric Delory + MI – Fiona Grant (Leads); UiT, NOC, CNR, UNIABDN, (M6-M40)

After the closing date of each call launched under task 7.5, proposals will be transmitted to the scientific panel, which shall be composed of relevant FixO3 participants and international experts. Proposal evaluation and selection will be based on advertised evaluation criteria, following rules of transparency, fairness and scientific merit. At the KoM, the scientific panel and access providers will be asked for input on profiling the selection process, e.g. upon the suitability of prior technical assessment of proposals, specific eligibility thresholds, and any aspect relevant to optimising the process. A specific meeting will also be organised for the final selection of project proposals. Outcomes of the evaluation will be relayed to infrastructure owners/operators and users groups to make final arrangements. In the first call, feedback on scientific, technical and logistic aspects as well as on the implementation of access will be requested (mandatory) via an online form. The outcome of this will be used to optimise the second call. Benefits of TNA will be captured into a final Recommendations and Guidelines document made available to all access providers. All developments under this task shall be in strict compliance with Annex III of the Grant Agreement.

Person months per participant

Participant number Participant short name Person-month per participant
1 NERC 1.00
6 UiT 14.00
7 PLOCEAN 12.00
8 AWI 0.25
10 SLR 2.00
11 IFREMER 7.00
12 BLIT 1.00
13 INGV 4.00
14 MI 12.00
15 UNIABDN 3.00
16 CNRS 0.50
17 GEOMAR 1.00
25 UGOT 3.00
27 CNR 3.00
28 NIOZ 7.00
29 IMAR 6.00
TOTAL 76.75

List of deliverables

Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Lead beneficiary number Estimated indicative person- months Nature Dissemination level Delivery date

ESONET-Vi Consortium agreement

11 10.00 R PU 12

Assessment of development
of observatory systems and assessment of communication status

11 10.00 R PU 18

ESONET/EMSO label agreement

13 10.00 R PP 18
D7.4 Scientific and technical conference based on observatories output 6 6.75 O PP 36
D7.5 Call definition and selection criteria 7 5.00 R PP  5
D7.6 Website for call dissemination 7 5.00 O  PU 6
D7.7 First call for proposals 7 6.00 O PU 12
D7.8 Second call for proposals 7 6.00 O PU 24
D7.9 Evaluation summary on first call for proposals 7 6.00 R PP 15
D7.10 Evaluation summary on second call 7 for proposals 7 6.00 R PP 27
D7.11 TNA access, recommandations and 7 guidelines 7 6.00 R PP 48
TOTAL 76.75

Description of deliverables

D7.1) ESONET-Vi Consortium agreement: [month 12]

D7.2) Assessment of development of observatory systems and assessement of communication status: Report on recent development of European and non-European observatory systems. Report on communication status with non- European observatory systems. [month 18]

D7.3) ESONET/EMSO label agreement: [month 18]

D7.4) Scientific and technical conference based on observatories output: [month 36] D7.5) Call definition and selection criteria: [month 5]

D7.6) Website for call dissemination: [month 6]

D7.7) First call for proposals: [month 12]

D7.8) Second call for proposals: [month 24]

D7.9) Evaluation summary on first call for proposals: [month 15]

D7.10) Evaluation summary on second call for proposals: [month 27]

D7.11) TNA access, recommandations and guidelines: [month 48]

Schedule of relevant milestones

Milestone number Milestone name Lead beneficiary number Delivery date from Annex I Comments

Kick-off meeting

1 3

Kick-Off meeting minutes circulated to partners, advisory board and EC.


First call for TNA projects announced

7 12 Published on FixO3 website.
MS8 First round of TNA projects information disseminated online 7 17 Published on FixO3 website.
MS10 Second call for TNA projects announced 7 24 Published on FixO3 website.
MS12 Guidelines and recommendations from TNA users published 7 30 Published on FixO3 website.
MS14 Second round of TNA projects information disseminated online 7 35 Published on FixO3 website.