WP 5



Work package number 5 Type of activity COORD
Work package title


Start month 1 End month 44
Lead partner 10



  • Promote interaction between the ocean observatory research community and the commercial sector �
  • Proactively promote FixO3 and wider open ocean observatory products and services to the commercial sector
  • Identify innovative products & services within the ocean observatory community and develop targeted IPR agreements to encourage interest by the commercial sector

Description of work and role of partners

Description of work

Task 5.1 Stakeholder consultation

SLR (Lead); MI, NERC

Stakeholder consultation to assess the interest from the commercial sector and to collect contacts for future meetings/networking

Task 5.2 Meeting between open ocean observatory researchers and commercial sector


Meeting between open ocean observatory researchers and the commercial sector to discuss current advances in marine technology/research and what the commercial sectors needs/requirements are over the next 5-10 years (discuss the likely 5 innovative products/services)

Task 5.3 Identify 5 innovative products and services


Identify 5 innovative products and services and promote these to the commercial sector. The TRL7 (prototype) stage products and services will be based on background IPR held by FixO3 partners before FixO3 commences and products and services from the wider ocean observatory community. These will be products and services that are identified as being of interest to commercial developers. This WP will bring these technologies to TRL 8 or 9 (system technology qualified through successful mission operations).

Task 5.4 Assess the Intellectual Property

SLR (Lead); NERC

Assess the Intellectual Property agreements in place and, if required, develop further IPR agreements to encourage interaction with the commercial sector. This will be assessed on a case by case basis and any IPR agreements would refer back to Annex II of the contract. It involves the background IPR that research institutes or SMEs bring to FixO3 that have been identified as a product or service of interest to the commercial developers of ocean observatories. The current academic IPR agreements are not generally acceptable to the commercial sector. Therefore a suite of IPR agreements that a research organisation or SME can use in its negotiations with commercial developers is required.

Task 5.5 Develop partnerships with industry

SLR (Lead); MI, UiT, NERC

Develop partnerships with industry, connecting to buyers and sellers in different sectors.

Task 5.6 Reinforce links with companies that drive innovation


Person months per participant

Participant number Participant short name Person-month per participant
1 NERC 2.00
6 UiT 2.00
10 SLR 5.50
11 IFREMER 0.50
14 MI 3.50
15 UNIABDN 3.45
23 UPC 3.00
TOTAL 19.95

List of deliverables

Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Lead beneficiary number Estimated indicative person- months Nature Dissemination level Delivery date

List of commercial sector contacts

10 1.00 R PU 10
List of commercial sector needs
10 1.00 R PU 12
Establishment of technology clusters
11 1.00 R PU 15
An IPR agreement for the technology clusters
10 1.00 R PU 20
D5.5 Description of innovative products 10 1.00 R PU 26
D5.6 Industry/Ocean Observatory Forum 10 1.00 R PU 30
D5.7 Description of innovative products and services 14 1.00 R PU 44
TOTAL 7.00

Description of deliverables

D5.1) List of commercial sector contacts: List of commercial sector contacts with interest in commercialising ocean observatory services. SLR will identify and list the contact person in commercial organisations in different sectors (e.g. oil exploration, weather forecasting, insurance, pharmaceutical) that recognise the need for ocean observation services for their business. [month 10]

D5.2) List of current commercial sector needs: List of current commercial sector needs from ocean observatory sector. SLR will interview the contact persons identified in 5.1 to obtain their data and information needs from ocean observatories. [month 12]

D5.3) Establishment of technology clusters: A number of technology clusters (e.g. ICT, sensors) that include industry & academic partners. The development of clusters of technology companies stimulates innovation. SLR will identify technology companies in different sectors, for example sensor developers, data transmission technologists and biofouling specilaists and combine them in a cluster that encourages inetreaction to address specific technical problems encountered in the deployment of seafloor observatories. [month 15]

D5.4) An IPR agreement for the technology clusters: An IPR agreement for the technology clusters that best fits the business needs of all parties. There will need to be an IPR agreement that all members of the technology cluster will be comfortable with that will address individual company concerns about loss of competitive advantage. without these agreements the collaboration that leads to innovative solutions will not take place. [month 20]

D5.5) Description of innovative products: Description of innovative products and services at end Yr 3. The technology clusters will develop technology and business solutions to overcome barriers to implementation of ocean observation services encountered by the FIX03 partners. A descriptive list of solutions developed during the first three years will be provided. [month 26]

D5.6) Industry/Ocean Observatory Forum: Industry/Ocean Observatory Forum for development of business partnerships. SLR will combine the contacts in Industry established in D5.1 with the technology clusters established in D5.3 to set up an Industry/Ocean Observatory Forum that will meet quarterly at Ocean Technology conferences to discuss problems encountered and initiate the development of technology solutions through research. [month 30]

D5.7) Description of innovative products and services: Review of innovative products and services describing how they have these been promoted to the commercial sector, the interest in their use, IPR agreements in place and commercialisation agreements signed [month 44]

Schedule of relevant milestones

Milestone number Milestone name Lead beneficiary number Delivery date from Annex I Comments

IPR Agreement

10 20

An IPR agreement for the technology clusters


Innovative products developed

10 26

Description of innovative prodcuts & services developed in first 3 years