A Practical introduction to marine monitoring hardware and procedures (September 2015)


A Practical introduction to marine monitoring hardware and procedures

Trieste, Italy 15th – 17th September 2015 (3 days)

Workshop full. Due to the large number of applications, we expect to contact the successful participants mid-April 2015.

Places: 15 candidates maximum. Places will need to be confirmed by 30th April 2015.

Funds for travel, accommodation and subsistence will be provided (subject to limits*)


Early career scientists with an interest in a career in ocean monitoring, observation and forecasting. Candidates will be expected to have already achieved a postgraduate degree in a related science subject and may be working towards a high level degree (Masters, PhD). The training will also engage participants from outside the FixO3 partnership and non- EU partners.


A hands-on practical workshop involving exposure to some of the latest precision ocean monitoring sensors and equipment at OGS (Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale) in Trieste, Italy.

This is an excellent opportunity to develop a working knowledge of the challenges of ocean monitoring and to work with the equipment, calibration and operational procedures for the measurement of some key parameters including temperature, salinity, O2, pH and pCO2.

The 3 day workshop will take place across various locations including the main building, laboratory, maintenance operations at locally deployed buoy (weather permitting).

The primary sessions in the workshop will cover:

Methodologies of measurements of basic parameters

Overview of hardware and monitoring

Importance of accurate observational data

Calibration best practices and practical workshop

Data Quality Control

Demonstration of the deployment observational platforms and visit to the locally deployed buoy.

Training Materials

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Bensi&Siena Best Practices&mooring Setup 35.5 MiB
Cardin European Initiatives 27.8 MiB
Final Agenda 1.1 MiB
Giani PCO2PresentationxFIXO3ver14sept2015 5.6 MiB
Introduction 279.0 KiB
Melchor PH Sensors 817.1 KiB
R-Nair Calibration & Measurement-1 FixO3 Workshop-Trieste-15-17-September-2015 FINAL-pdf 4.0 MiB
R-Nair Calibration & Measurement-2 FixO3 Workshop-Trieste-15-17-September-2015 FINAL-pdf 2.0 MiB
R-Nair Session On Calibration & Measurement FixO3 Workshop-Trieste-15-17-September-2015 95.7 KiB
Tengberg 20150915 O2 Why, When And How 14.7 MiB
Ursella Current Measurements 9.6 MiB