What do those terms stand for? (Glossary)

  • FixO3: Fixed Point Open Ocean Observatories Network (This FP7 project, of which TNA is one activity)
  • Access provider: means the beneficiary that is in charge of providing access to the infrastructure(s) or installation(s), as specified in Annex I.
  • Infrastructure: means a facility, a resource (or a coherent set of them) together with the related services, which are used by the scientific community to conduct research.
  • Installation: means a part of an infrastructure that could be used independently from the rest.
  • TNA: Transnational Access to observatories in FixO3
  • User: means a researcher within a user group, including the user group leader.
  • User group: means a research team of one or more researchers given access to the infrastructure under the project. For example, users may be members of an Institute or company unit or department, participants in an EU project, etc. A user group can be formed of members from different organisations and countries. Each user group is led by a single user group leader, independently of the number of members and organizations involved.

Can non-EU users participate ?

Yes, as long as the user group leader and the majority of the users work in a institution established in a EU Member State or Associated State

Is there a contact point for further information ?

Yes, for any doubt or information not available on this web site, you can e-mail the FixO3 TNA office at fixo3.tna(at)plocan.eu or FixO3 Project Manager luisa.cristini(at)noc.ac.uk. Note on Second Call: we will be able to answer your questions though e-mail from the 2nd of May 2015.