In this section we include some statistics related to the human resources and organisations that participated to the Second FixO3 TNA Call. It should be noted that out of nine proposals, only two had a female principal investigator. Concerning teams, the situation is similar with only 8 women out of a total of 31 people (Figure 2, below right), although the percentage slightly increases with respect to the first call (26% in this call as compared to 20% in the first). This seems to reflect again the small number of women involved in ocean science.


Figure 2.  Gender distribution per principal investigator and team member.


Figure 3. Type of teams and number of countries per proposal.

With respect to the type of teams, the number of companies has increased very much with respect to the first call, in fact it has passed from representing 16% to 71% of the teams involved in this second call (Figure 3, above left). This fact shows the effort done to involve the industrial sector in the TNA of FixO3, following the results of the first call. Most proposals include only teams from one country, in 2 cases the teams came from 2 countries and one of the proposals included teams from 3 countries (Figure 3, above right).

Teams from eight different countries have participated in this Second FixO3 TNA call (Figure 4), with 5 teams from France; other two countries (Norway and Spain) have teams participating in 4 proposals, Sweden in 3, Portugal in 2 and other three countries (Brazil, Italy and USA) just in one proposal.

Figure 4. Number of teams by country, second call

Figure 4. Number of teams by country, second call.

The number of people per proposal belonging to the same or different entities are depicted in Figure 5. Most of the teams in the proposals are composed of 2 or 3 people. There are teams composed of 5, 6, 7 and 9 people, one for each case.

Figure 5. Number of team members per number of proposals

Figure 5. Number of team members per number of proposals.

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