Statistics 1st and 2nd Calls


Some statistics in percentages are provided on received proposals for the first and second calls, according to the theme and domain addressed, as well as user type. Figure 6 shows in the first two graphs to the left that more than half of the proposals were related to science and about a third to technology, the rest to both science and technology.

Theme and Domain Users

Figure 6. Percentages by theme and domain from the two calls (left), and by users’ type and countries (right).

With respect to the origin of the users, 3 graphs (to the right), show that 67% were coming from academia, most of them were external (82%) and there were representatives from 13 countries. It is also worth emphasizing that in 25% of user cases there was collaboration between academia and industry, and in general the higher percentages of participation by countries came from France (15.8%), Italy and Spain (13.2% both of them).

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