Project title and acronym

Corrosion Resistance, Biofilm and Protection Data In Deep Seawater (DeepCorr)

Host facility


Modality of Access

MoA2 – Partially remote (the presence of the user is required at some stage, e.g. for installing and uninstalling an instrument)


Today, the exploration and exploitation of seabed presents promising prospects for many industries. Indeed, more and more attention turns to the sea, with the objective to discover this little-known world and / or to exploit mineral and petroleum resources. For this, the use of reliable materials and resistant to corrosion is necessary. The durability of metallic structures exposed to natural seawater is often linked to the efficiency of protective systems which consist mainly of cathodic protection and/or material resistant to corrosion. The use of non-resistant materials and/or unsuitable cathodic protection may induce loss of performance, important costs of service and possible environmental and human disasters.

The objectives of this project are to:

1/ Collect relevant environmental parameters influencing corrosion

2/ Assess the corrosion resistance of different materials

3/ Collect cathodic protection data