In this part we include some statistics related to the persons who participated to the First FixO3 TNA Call.

Note worthily, out of 15 proposals, only two had a woman as principal investigator. Concerning teams, the situation is similar and only 8 women are part of the teams from a total of 41 people (Figure 2). This seems to emphasize the small number of women involved in ocean science.

 results-figure2-1 results-figure2-2

Figure 2.  Gender distribution per principal investigator and team member.

 results-figure3-1      results-figure3-2

Figure 3.  Type of teams and number of countries per proposal.

With respect to the type of teams, only 4 companies (16%) out of 24 teams are involved in the proposals, indicating the need to better disseminate the next TNA call among the industrial sector. Most of the proposals include only teams from one country, and in 4 cases the team came from 2 countries (Figure 3).

The number of people per proposal is depicted in Figure 4. Most of the teams from the proposals have been composed of 3 or 4 people.

Teams from nine different countries have participated in the First FixO3 TNA call (Figure 5), appearing Germany, Greece and Italy in 5 proposals. Other three countries (Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom) are included in 2 proposals and other three (France, Ireland and Norway) only in one proposal.

results-figure4Figure 4.  Number of proposals presented by each participant country.

results-figure5Figure 5.  Number of team members per proposal.

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