Selection procedure


Proposals will be accepted based on a set of clearly defined evaluation criteria. FixO3 will establish an efficient independent peer-review evaluation system for proposals. An evaluation panel formed of experts will be set up by the TNA Office to assist in selecting the user groups. The panel will be composed of international experts and FixO3 partners.

TNA Selection Process

Figure 1: Summary of selection process

The evaluation panel will assess all proposals received and recommend a short-list of the user groups that should benefit from access free of charge. In so doing, it will apply the principles of transparency, fairness and impartiality.

FixO3 will maintain a traceability system by monitoring and documenting the access provided under this project. These activities will be coordinated in WP7.

The evaluation panel shall base its selection on scientific merit. The process will also value proposals from user groups composed of users who have not previously used the infrastructure, are working in countries where no such research infrastructures exist or have no prior experience accessing such infrastructures.

The selection process starts as soon as the TNA Office launches a call. The applicant is asked to contact the Observatory Manager for a pre-feasibility evaluation of his/her project. The application should include a confirmation letter / letter of support from the observatory manager as part of the application to the TNA office.

The Evaluation Panel, composed of FixO3 Consortium and Advisory board members, will review the applications and establish a ranking based on the evaluation criteria below. Each proposal will be reviewed by three evaluators. The TNA Office will invite specialists from the consortium if specific expertise is missing in the panel. A consensus review meeting will be held to finalize the individual review reports and the final consensus review report.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate the proposals:

Evaluation Criteria (& maximum number of pages) Max Score Threshold
Scientific and technical objectives (Potential interest to the research/service provider community; Originality and innovation, European relevance) – 2 pages 5 3
Quality of the methodology and implementation: clarity, adequacy in relation to set objectives, work plan, adequacy with the infrastructure (incl. e.g. prior scientific, technical or logistical arrangements, risk table) – 2 pages plus risk table 5 3
Scientific Excellence of user group – 2 pages 5 3
Links or potential for seeding links with Industry (e.g., European enterprises interested in the measurements, participating to the project, e.g. testing new measuring systems or methods, etc.) – 1 page 3
Applications from Member States where similar infrastructures are not available as well as from user groups with no prior experience accessing an infrastructure 2
Total score 20

The ranking and final evaluation summary reports will be sent by the TNA Office to the Observatory Manager, who will be responsible for selecting the project(s) requesting the infrastructure, that will be funded. The final ranking of the submitted proposals will be sorted in descending order. Approval will be granted, starting with the proposal that has the highest rating and then working downwards.

Final decision will be addressed to the TNA Office, which will communicate the status of their project to the applicants.

Some projects may be facilitated at an equivalent installation to match scientific ratings and demand, wherever needed and practical, in agreement with the user/user group.

The leader of each selected user group will be contacted directly by the Observatory Manager chosen for its activities to receive additional information/guidelines and to allow the TNA Office to start drafting the TNA grant agreement. The agreement will delineate the actions to be undertaken, the resources that will need to be allocated, the length of planned user stays if any, and the period of use. It will also define the rights and obligations of the Parties involved, including provisions for force majeure or early termination. In this final agreement phase, the TNA Office may provide support material wherever needed and possible.

Download the following brochure for further information about the facilities.

TNA Brochure (13.1 MiB)