The 2016 work plan

  • January – June
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
Project Month 29 30 31 32 33 34
Consortium OSM 2016 (21st-26th, New Orleans) Global Climate Observations Conference (1st-4th, Ansterdam) OI 2016 (15th-17th, London) EGU 2016 (17th – 22nd, Vienna) OceanSITES 2016 (25th -29th , Southampton) 10th GEO EU Projects Workshop (31st -2 June) Goldschmidt Conference (26th– 1st July, Yokohama)ITISE 2016 (27th–29th, Granada) AtlantOS GA 2016 (28th-30th, Kiel)
PMO Easter closure (25th-30th)
SC 11th mtg  12th mtg
AB 7th mtg
WP2 D2.5
WP5 D5.6 (postponed from Feb)
WP7 MS12
WP9 MS12
WP12 MS12.4.3 MS12.4.8 MS12.3.1 MS12.4.5 MS12.4.9 MS12.4.10 MS12.4.11


  • July – December
Month Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Project Month 35 36 37 38 39 40
Consortium END 2nd PRP Challenger Conference 2016 (5th-9th, Liverpool)GA 2016 (19th-21st, Gran Canaria)2nd ICOS RI Science Conference (27th-29th, Helsinki) 2nd PPR due (28th) Conference on observatory outputs (dates TBC, Tromso) AGU 2016 (12th-16thSan Francisco)
PMO Christmas closure (17th-1st Jan 2017)
SC 13th mtg   14th mtg     15th mtg
AB     8th mtg      


D1.7 D1.6
WP2 D2.9 D2.10
WP3 D3.3
WP4 MS15 D4.2 D4.5 D4.8
WP6 D6.2 D6.4
WP7 MS14 D7.4 (postponed from Aug)
WP8 D8.4 D8.12 D8.7 MS17


WP11 D11.2 D11.3 MS22
WP12 MS12.3.2 MS12.4.6 MS12.4.4 MS12.4.7 MS12.4.13 MS12.4.14 D12.7 MS12.4.15 MS12.4.16


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