Project Introduction Pack

A full project overview, including an overview of the observatories, partners, schedule and contact information.

Details of all Work Packages

Work Package 1 – Project Management

  • To effectively manage FixO3 to maximise the production of results in the most cost effective manner and to the proposed timescales
  • To facilitate communication and integration between the partners and disseminate information about the project to the wider community
  • To identify and resolve disputes between partners
  • To keep the project on track, and ensure timely interaction and delivery of reports to the European Commission

Work Package 2 – Technological harmonization

  • To review the current status of existing systems in operational use considered in the project;
  • To synthesize the characteristics of infrastructures offering TNA;
  • To increase the high-frequency measurements on fixed platforms;
  • To define the best technical practices for compatible, robust and cost-effective systems on a variety of fixed applications;
  • To promote tests of new or prototype instruments on a non-operational basis;
  • To define procedures for harmonizing and merging quality assessed high frequency fixed platform data;
  • To define procedures and technological solutions for integration and testing of new sensors on these systems;
  • To increase the traceability, quality and reliability of sensor metadata and data products.

Work Package 3 – Procedural harmonization

To harmonise procedures across the network the following step will be undertaken:

  • Assessment of operational procedures for sustained Eulerian observations
  • Further development of principles of “best practice”
  • Development of the FixO3 observatories “label” building on ESONET and in collaboration with JERICO

Work Package 4 – Data management and harmonization

  • To harmonise data policies and to provide a formal basis for data exchange between FixO3 infrastructures.
  • To improve standardisation, interoperability and compliance with major international initiatives
  • To harmonise data management and standardisation efforts with other European and international marine data and observatory infrastructures
  • To foster the cooperation with the marine carbon observation community by disseminating FixO3 data via relevant international infrastructures and data centres such as the ICOS Ocean Thematic Centre
  • To coordinate, harmonise, and optimize the implementation and integration of Service Activities provided by the different partners in WP10 and to strengthen and monitor the dissemination of knowledge.

Work Package 5 – Innovation through industry

  • Promote interaction between the ocean observatory research community and the commercial sector
  • Proactively promote FixO3 and wider open ocean observatory products and services to the commercial sector
  • Identify innovative products & services within the ocean observatory community and develop targeted IPR agreements to encourage interest by the commercial sector

Work Package 6 – Interface with policy and intergovernmental bodies

  • To link the FixO3 efforts to international and intergovernmental bodies and activities
  • To ensure visibility and facilitate further implementation and long-term stewardship of deep-ocean fixed-point time series observations
  • To develop a strategy for the future

Work Package 7 – International and European networking of fixed-point observatories

  • To consolidate and promote the synergy between European research groups and institutions.
  • To enhance the interaction with industry.
  • To link ocean scientists and engineers into an international teamin marine science.
  • Management of TNA activities.

Work Package 8 – Outreach and training

  • To engage with, educate, and inform public, scientific and policy user groups
  • To develop an informative and interactive suite of complimentary tools that educates and engages public, scientific and policy user groups and maximise engagement with end users.
  • To produce educational and informational resources that deliver knowledge to end user groups
  • To deliver a series of training opportunities that informs, educates and promotes best practices to professional users of hardware, data and data products

Work Package 9 – Transnational access to FixO3 infrastructures

To support external scientific users by providing coordinated, free-of-charge, transnational access to fixed open-ocean observatories, including:

  • Ocean surface, water column and seafloor observatory installations and systems considered for transnational access under this proposal
  • One shallow water test site able to make practical and fast tests of instruments, systems, procedures and new technologies applicable to fixed open-ocean observatories will be accessible under TNA.

Work Package 10 – Service activities: Access to data products and knowledge

To provide access to the data products and knowledge derived from most of the observatories which comprise the FixO3 network.

Work Package 11 – Optimisation of ocean observing capability

To carry out research on the specification for an optimum observational network of FixO3 platforms, integrated and complemented by other platforms.

Work Package 12 – Research and development on critical observatory functions

  • To enhance the capability of the FixO3 infrastructures to make very high quality observations
  • To develop of new low energy consuming platform design in order to promote more sensors per platform and extension capacities