NKE Instrumentation (NKEI)

nke instrumentationnke (established in 1984 under Micrel name) has an oceanographic instrumentation department since 1993. In 2012, nke was split into 3 different organization (including same people as before).nke instrumentation is the organization which contain people in charge of oceanographic activity. In its premises in Hennebont, France, its experienced teams have means for development, manufacturing and metrological testing at their disposal. nke instrumentation proposes a wide range of autonomous data loggers for physicochemical parameters as well as more specifics types of measurements (sedimentology, corrosion…). Since 2004, nke instrumentation has been deploying automated networks, designed to monitor inland and marine waters. It proposes technical solutions for the measurement, transmission and retrieval of data. In the specific fields of deep sea and sea floor measurements, nke proposes a range of products designed to monitor the environment (observatory, wireless communication module) or to carry out measurements in the sediments (piezometer, thermal flow). Since January 2009, nke has developed its offer by integrating a range of profilers and drifting buoys. These products have been developed for many years and are used as part of large international programmes of research on the oceans (ARGO…).