Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche (CNR)

CNR WebsiteThe Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) (National Research Council of Italy) is the largest Italian research organization aiming to promote and improve transfer of knowledge in main sectors of the scientific, technological, economic and social research activities. The CNR activity is organized in 108 Institutes distributed on the territory grouped in 11 departments with more than 8,000 staff members.

The Institute for Studying Intelligent Automation Systems (ISSIA) is part of the Earth and Environment Department. The Genoa branch of CNR-ISSIA had consolidated its research in the fields relative to maritime and spatial systems considering the innovation produced in several applications such automation, telescience, submarine technologies; techniques and systems for monitoring the marine environment, systems for the acquisition and processing of data from satellite communications, maritime telematics, and logistics of transportation systems.

Part of the Institute has a significant experience in innovative technologies for the marine environment, in the development of suitable monitoring methods as well as in the integration of measuring equipment and processing systems.

The Institute operationally manages the large spar buoy W1-M3A (ODAS ITALIA 1) moored at the centre of the Ligurian Sea. Data from this buoy have been used in a wide range of applications and especially for testing modeled and remote sensed fields.

In general, CNR-ISSIA was involved in projects for the realization of a regional Vessel Traffic Service system for Mediterranean Sea; for the evaluation, characterization and prediction of ship noise in coastal waters; for the development of an advanced manipulator to be used on deep underwater systems; for the realization of technology to carry out integrated multidisciplinary seabed researches investigating physical, chemical, geological and biological processes in the marine environment, assessing and exploiting marine resources.

In most recent years, CNR-ISSIA has confirmed its leading role in many national and international research projects for the development of activities within the marine-maritime sector.
Some of these projects are cited below:

  • MyOCEAN (2009-2012, EU FP7) aimed at designing and developing a monitoring and forecasting service of the ocean at a regional and global scale in order to safely and effectively managing the marine resources.
  • EUROSITES (2008-2011, EU FP7) was the European component of the global ocean observing system called OceanSITES. It aims at integrating and enhancing the existing European open-ocean observational capacity to encompass the ocean interior, seafloor and subseafloor.
  • Marine Environment and Security for the European Area (MERSEA, 2004-2008, EU-FP6) aimed at developing an operational monitoring and forecasting capability of the ocean physics, biophysics and evolution at an European and global scale.
  • Mediterranean Forecasting System: Toward Environmental Predictions (MFSTEP, 2003-2006, EU-FP5) contributed to the development and enhancement of a forecasting system at the Mediterranean scale.