Single location mooring situated on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge south of Svalbard. A component of NOON (Norwegian Ocean Observatory Network) planned as demo mission in 2012 and then as sustained observatory in 2016

Infrastructure Location

Study Area

Distance from Land
Max Depth
Oceanographic features of area
Relevant publications isi journals
Relevant publications proceedings published in the context of conference

Status / Maintenance

System Status Operational Planned Frequency
Platform Required People Involved
Duration of Operations Cleaning Yes
Replacments Yes Download Data Yes

Data Information

Final data output format Data Quality Check Yes
Type of quality check on real-time/near-real time data Manual Real Time – Data availability target
Type of Quality check on delayed mode data Manual Delayed Mode – Data availability target
Own data management Yes Type of use of data
Data Management Link


Avaliable for TNA No
Prefered time period for TNA
TNA Support offered
Services Available
Potential Additional Uses
Data Ports -
Availability of External Power
Instrument installation methodology
Data History
Instrument installation methodology -
Observatory maintenance estimated or planned schedules
Data policy and access
Additional comments
Modality of access