Director-General of the EMSO ERIC, (European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and Water-Column Observatory; European Research Infrastructure Consortium)

Application deadline: February, 15th 2017 Excellent Salary: €100.000 to €130.000/annum Location: Rome, Italy Terms: Full time for 3 years, renewable Who are we? The European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water-column Observatory (EMSO) is an associa… Continue Reading

EOOS – An open stakeholder consultation on the European Ocean Observing System is now open

You are invited take part in an open online consultation to help design a new framework for an integrated and sustained European Ocean Observing System, or EOOS. The consultation will collect views from the European ocean observing community and wide… Continue Reading

FixO3 Training Achieved: Summary of 3 training workshops on Hardware, Data and Data Products and access to Course Materials

The FixO3 project has provided training for 54 early career scientists via 3 specialised courses. The courses have focused on 3 key topics relating to the operation and use of European marine observatory and data infrastructures. The 3 key topics cov… Continue Reading

The Purposes of Ocean Observation

Richard Lampitt National Oceanography Centre SouthamptonThere are two broad reasons why we need to make sustained observations of the planet’s oceans. The first is to generate data of sufficient temporal and spatial resolution on variables of critica… Continue Reading

FixO3 key knowledge outputs available on EurOcean’s Marine Knowledge Gate

FixO3 is among the over 6000 projects on marine and maritime science and technology listed in the Marine Knowledge Gate 2.0, an inventory that makes over 1800 marine knowledge outputs available to the public. The Knowledge Gate is updated regularly a… Continue Reading

EMSO-Azores : Monitoring seafloor and water column processes at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Mathilde Cannat¹, Pierre Marie Sarradin², Jérome Blandin², Valérie Ballu³, Thibaut Barreyre¹ ² Valérie Chavagnac⁴, Ana Colaço⁵, Wayne Crawford¹, Romuald Daniel¹, Javier Escartin¹, Julien Legrand², Marjolaine Matabos², Céline Rommevaux¹, Guillaume Rou… Continue Reading

Carbon cycle and ocean acidification in the northern North Atlantic

Ingunn SkjelvanUni Research and University of BergenStation M is one of the FixO3 observatories providing data related to the marine carbon cycle and ocean acidification. The site is located in the northern North Atlantic at 660N 20E, approximately 2… Continue Reading

Acquisition, validation, quality control and access to (biodiversity) data: a FixO3 training course for less experienced users of data products

Herman HummelNIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea ResearchA fully-funded training course on data products was held on 14 and 15 June 2016 in Vlissingen, the Netherlands organized by Herman Hummel and Joke van Houte of the Netherlands Institute fo… Continue Reading

New & updated resources to check out

FixO3 Network website – UpdatedEverything you need to know about the project, the observatories, and the partners involved. Virtual Observatory (EarthVO) – UpdatedGraphical visualization of all available data from FixO3 obser… Continue Reading

Higher life at the Arctic deep seafloor: a new data-product to present results of long-term image analyses from a towed camera system

Melanie Bergmann & Ingo ScheweAlfred Wegener Institute – Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research(INDP)Figure 1: The towed ocean floor observation system (OFOS) on the sea floorBenthic biota, the organisms living at the bottom of the sea, p… Continue Reading

Cape Verde Ocean Observatory: Data products from a multi-platform ocean timeseries station

Péricles SilvaNational Institute for Fisheries Research (INDP)Long-term observation is fundamental to understanding global climate change. Atmospheric change impacts marine ecosystems, and the atmosphere is influenced by ocean physical and biogeochem… Continue Reading

Service activities produced by FixO3 observatories

Ingo ScheweAlfred Wegener Institute – Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine ResearchOne important goal of FixO3 is to provide easy access to fully-processed multidisciplinary data services and products. Within the project this aim is realized by so-c… Continue Reading

Year 3 Project Newsletter

The year 3 Project Newsletter focuses on data products and other key information about the FixO3 project.An introductory editorial “The purposes of ocean observations” by the Project Coordinator Richard Lampitt (NOC)A summary table of key events and… Continue Reading

EMSO-Azores successfully upgraded

Monday 12 SeptemberThe EMSO-Azores team is delighted to announce the successful upgrade of the observatory, achieved during the yearly three-week maintenance cruise aboard the R/V Atalante finishing today. The observing capacity of the marine infrast… Continue Reading

Best practices for operations at fixed-point observatories

Laurent Coppola (CNRS) coordinated a monumental effort involving several partners of the FixO3 Network Community to collect, review and compile the best practices currently implemented to carry out operations at fixed-point observatories.The “Best Pr… Continue Reading

EGU General Assembly 2016

The EGU General Assembly 2016 held in Vienna on the 18-22 April 2016 included 4,863 oral, 10,320 poster, and 947 PICO presentations. 619 unique scientific sessions together with 321 side events created an interesting programme attended by 13,650 scie… Continue Reading

OceanSITES 2016

OceanSITES is the global system of deepwater reference stations ( of which FixO3 is the European contribution. The mission of OceanSITES is to collect, deliver and promote the use of high-quality data from long-term, high-f… Continue Reading


On January 21st, 2016, the European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) Committee approved the European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water-column Observatory’s (EMSO) request to become an ERIC, thus closing step 2 of the multi-year applicatio… Continue Reading

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016

The Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016 conference was held in New Orleans, USA, on the 22-26 February. Cosponsored by AGU, ASLO, and TOS, the Ocean Sciences Meeting consisted of a diverse program covering topics in all areas of the ocean sciences and techno… Continue Reading

Oceanology International 2016

Oceanology International 2016 event was held in London on the 14-17 March. It is the world’s leading forum where industry, academia and government share knowledge and connect with the marine science and ocean technology communities.A number of FixO3… Continue Reading

Transnational Access update for the OBSEA observatory

Updated execution state of proposals funded through the 1st and 2nd FixO3 Transnational Access (TNA) call in the host research infrastructure OBSEA. 1st Fix03 TNA? Call ELCOMEDES: Electrochemical corrosion measurements in deep seas. Starting date: 05… Continue Reading

FixO3 Project: Key outputs at half way and how to access them

Luisa Cristini (NOC)The Fixed point Open Ocean Observatories (FixO3) Network project is an European project coordinated by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), which objective is to integrate 23 in situ platforms operated by European organizations… Continue Reading

High impact data visualization: EarthVO

Simon Keeble, (Blue Lobster IT Limited)EarthVO (Earth Virtual Observatory) is a platform independent data visualisation tool that allows users to analyse integrated data in a flexible and rapid way.The tool was developed with the end user and the dev… Continue Reading

Ocean data: a European perspective

Figure: Periodic Table of the European Marine/Maritime Elements. © Valdes. L., 2013Robert Huber, MARUM, University of BremenMaureen Pagnani, British Oceanographic Data CentreWith the rapid evolution of scientific methodologies and technologies during… Continue Reading

Costs and benefits of Eulerian observations

Figure: The surface buoy of the Porcupine Abyssal Plain (PAP) observatory included in FixO3 Network. Photo by Richard Lampitt, 2014. Costs and benefits of multidisciplinary fixed-point ocean observations – Oceanology International 2016 (1.7 MiB)Susta… Continue Reading

The many challenges of data management: FixO³ contribution

Andree Behnken MARUM, University of Bremen When it comes to handling data derived from oceanographic research, data managers and data users often face reoccurring problems when handling or searching these data, such as: data are often protected and n… Continue Reading

FixO3 Network Project General Assembly 2015 & Technical Review

This year’s project annual meeting was held in the capital of Europe Brussels as it included a mid-term review by an external reviewer on behalf of the European Commission. 55 delegates from 15 countries joined the meeting at the Thon Hotel Brussels… Continue Reading

Workshop: A Practical introduction to marine monitoring hardware and procedures

A three-day training course was organised at OGS (Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale) in Trieste, Italy for existing and novel instruments mainly focusing on biochemical measurements on carbonate species, sensors for ocean… Continue Reading

Second call for TNA proposals deadline extended

Research organizations and marine technology companies are invited to access up to 15 ocean observatories to conduct scientific studies or to test technology prototypes with full financial and logistics support. The submission process will be open fr… Continue Reading

SLR investigates Deep Sea Mining

As part of their commitment to enhance the links between  FixO3 and the ocean industry, WP5-leader SLR summarizes the status of the Deep Sea Mining (DSM) industry in a report that covers the resources and the most explored areas and operators. The do… Continue Reading

FixO3 Partners at Ocean Business

Sofia Alexiou (NOC) and Nick O’Neill (SLR) Nick O’Neill (SLR) and Shane Lavery Dave O’Sullivan (Marine Institute Ireland) and Nick O’Neill (SLR) John Polanski (Ocean Lab) and Jessica Craig (Ocean Lab) Yves Degres, Damien Malarde and the NKE team

FixO3 Ocean Business IW Agenda-(actual)

Innovation meets industry: FixO³ Technology cluster workshop 10.30 – 12.30pm Seminar Room, 4th Floor, NOC Open to all, showcasing the achievements of the FixO³ observatories and the new technologies evolving from the scientific activities of ocean ob… Continue Reading

OB2015 – Workshop advertisement

Innovation Meets Industry: FixO³ Technology Cluster Workshop Wednesday, 15 April 1030 – 1230, NOC Seminar Room The FixO³ project ( began in September 2013 and seeks to integrate 23 European open ocean fixed point observatories and to imp… Continue Reading

FixO³ Technology Cluster Workshop

FixO3 innovation workshop – 2 FixO³ has established a cluster of technology companies providing products and services to the ocean observation community. Today, the project hosted an ‘Innovation Meets Industry’ workshop, which showcased the achieveme… Continue Reading

Second call for TNA proposals: Opening 1st May 2015 – Closing 20th July 2015 (Extended to 31st July 2015 – 17h00 GMT)

Research organizations and marine technology companies are invited to access up to 15 ocean observatories to conduct scientific studies or to test technology prototypes with full financial and logistics support. The submission process will be open fr… Continue Reading

FixO3 at the EuroGOOS conference Oct 28-30 2014 – Lisbon

FixO3 was represented at the EuroGOOS conference in Lisbon October 28-30 2014. A presentation was given by Sofia Alexiou. FixO3 – EuroGOOS 2014, Lisbon – S Alexiou (2.1 MiB)

FixO3 General Assembly October 14-16 2014 – Crete

The first General Assembly, hosted by HCMR, was held at the held at the Aquila Atlantis Hotel in Heraklion, Crete (Greece) from the 14th to 16th October 2014.

FixO3 Newsletter Issue 1 Volume 1

The latest FixO3 news and articles. Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1 (PDF) (699.1 KiB)

Challenger society conference Sept 8-11 @ Plymouth University

FixO3 Project Coordinator, Prof. Richard Lampitt and Interim Project Manager, Sofia Alexiou travelled to Plymouth to present a FixO3 talk and poster during the biannual Challenger Society Conference held at Plymouth University on Sept 8-11 2014. They… Continue Reading

Opportunity for transnational access to FixO3 network observatories

Research organizations and marine technology companies are invited to access 15 ocean observatories to conduct scientific studies or to test technology prototypes with full financial and logistics support. The submission process will be open from mid… Continue Reading

European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014

Vienna (Austria), April 28th – May 2nd 2014 This year’s EGU General Assembly featured a great number and variety of presentations, workshops and discussions in the theme of the conference “The Face of the Earth”. FixO3 was present at the conference w… Continue Reading

Transnational Access to Ocean Observatories

Hydro International, 30th April 2014 Marine technology companies have the rare opportunity to ‘road test’ new and existing product prototypes at a range of strategically placed ocean observatories, at no cost. Research organisations are also being of… Continue Reading

Extraordinary opportunity for SME research and development

International Ocean Systems, May / June 2014 Small and medium enterprises (SME) developing offshore and subsea technology, as well as marine research organisations, now have an extraordinary opportunity to conduct research projects or test new and ex… Continue Reading

Access Ocean Observatories for Trials and Research

Marine Technology News, 24th April 2014. An opportunity is coming up for small and medium enterprises and marine research organisations to apply for access to a network of European ocean observatories to ‘road test’ equipment and to conduct scientifi… Continue Reading

Professor Richard Lampitt article in The Conversation – Sahara dust feeds the ocean and locks away carbon too.

The Saharan dust that clogged air and dirtied cars recently may seem like a nuisance, but in fact contains some essential nutrients – if, that is, you’re phytoplankton. Professor Richard Lampitt discusses in The Conversation – Sahara dust feeds the o… Continue Reading

Oceanology International 2014

ExCel London, UK 11-13 March 2014 Over 500 exhibitors from 35 countries showcased research results and products in the world’s largest exhibition on marine sciences and technology. FixO3 was there to present Eur… Continue Reading

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2014

Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii (USA) 23-28 February 2014 Over 5000 presentations showcased research results and ideas in the world’s largest conference on marine sciences. FixO3 was presented for the first ti… Continue Reading

Kick off meeting 18-20 November 2013 – Rome (Italy)

The project kick-off meeting was held at Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia Rome (Italy) from the 18th – 20th November 2013. Agendas, summaries and partner presentations from the meeting. Click link to view or right click and select ‘Save… Continue Reading