New & updated resources to check out


FixO3 Network website – Updated

Everything you need to know about the project, the observatories, and the partners involved.

Earth Virtual Observatory (EarthVO) – Updated

Graphical visualization of all available data from FixO3 observatories. Free to access!

Handbook of best practices – New

This handbook describes best practices currently implemented to carry out operations at fixed-point observatories. Free to download!

fixo3 earthvo handbook of best practices


FixO3 Service Activities – New

All data products from FixO3 observatories divided by topic. Free to access!

ESONET Yellow Pages – Updated

Tool for Interoperability and Standardization contains information concerning on-theshelf products for the development and maintenance of deep sea observatories provided by the private sector.

YouTube video on ocean observatories and their applications – New

A 5-min video explaining what are ocean observatories and why they are important.

fixo3-sa esonet youtube



Wikipedia article on ocean observatories – New – Collaborators wanted!

A general introduction on ocean observatories, their components and uses. Open to the public to edit.

Can you contribute to this important knowledge resource?